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Methi/fenugreek leaves pakoda/fritters.

Yesterday, I had to go to my kids school because Nidhi had fever and she had maths test (FA-4; as per new CBSC syllabus), she did not want to miss the test, since she was adamant to go, I told her that I will come and pick her up before lunch break..

.So I went before lunch break and there is a receptionist in the school....I was waiting for my chance to speak to her about Nidhi...a boy must be 14 or 15 yrs old was asking the lady whether he could use the school phone to ring up his mother very what caught my attention was the rude way the lady questioned the boy.....I felt she was questioning him rather harshly....there were other parents around....and the boy lost his cool and started stammering.....finally the receptionist allowed him to call his mom......the boy must have felt very bad in front of all the adults.....this made me observe the receptionist more closely....I found she was behaving like that to each and every child who come up to her....if it is a small child she would be real harsh.....I could see the child stammering and shivering.....then my turn came and I told her that I wanted to take my daughter home as she was not well.....the way she looks, her mannerisms etc will make u think that the receptionist owns the school......receptionist should be cordial, friendly, and above all smiling while addressing someone....especially children......I don't know why....but the lady occupied my mind all it just tumbled out here.....I mean one does not lose anything by showing kindness or being polite at least to children.........

Now lets get cooking.....I got some methi leaves yesterday....I could not keep away from those fresh methi I bought a bunch and make methi pakoda for evening snack and methi paratha for dinner. Its an easy snack just chop some methi leaves into besen flour with some chilly powder, salt, and asafoitida mix it into a smooth dough....pour teaspoons of it into hot oil......and pakoda is ready.

How I made them:
Methi leaves: 1 handful; cleaned washed and chopped.
Red chilly powder: 1 tsp.
Besan flour: 1 cup.
White rice flour: 1/4 cup.
Asafoitida: A fat pinch.
Salt: 1/2 tsp.
Water as needed.
Oil for frying.

1. Chop a handful of methi leaves.

2. In a bowl combine besan, rice flour, salt, chilly powder, and asafoitida with water and add the chopped methi leaves and mix it well into a thick batter.

3. Pour teaspoons of it into hot oil and deep fry it till done. Serve hot as a snack.


  1. nice recipe with methi leaves.......

    the write up is though provoking...

  2. Nice recipe,looks delicious tea time snack.

  3. This sound fabulous! very beautifully done too!

  4. Lovely methi pakodas.

    I agree with Roshan on your write up.

  5. The pakoda looks of the healthy option of making it..nice idea,,,liked it

  6. Crispy methi fritters tempts me a lot,sooo irresistible..

  7. Your fritters look great! I could definitely go for a few right now. :)

  8. That lady sounds really rude... u should complain about that to someone...
    and coming to the pakodas.. they look really crispy and yummy :)

  9. Methi pakoda looks yumm...

    I wonder whos gonna bell these cats?

  10. yummy pakodas.. never thought of adding methi leaves in pakodas.. about the rude lady.. there are a lot bunch out there in schools, offices n hospitals..the only way i think to tackle them is telling them exactly what we think abt them..

  11. That looks delicious! I always want to try making fritters at home but never did. Guess I better take out the deep frier! :)

  12. thats a beautiful recipe Nisa. love Methi Pakodas and these look absolutely tempting.
    have mailed you regarding Arusuvai.

  13. @ Nisa: Congratulations (to us)! :D Thanks for visiting and following my blog.

    Re. your question about cream of tartar. Yes, you can definitely make this angel food cake without it. Just need to make sure there's no oil/fat on your equipment when you handle the egg whites (especially the fat from the yolk.) So, make sure you seperate your egg whites into a small bowl before putting into the final container for beating. If any yolk gets into the white, you can easily discard that particular egg (and make scramble egg instead) and use a clean bowl afterwards. Also, better to beat your egg whites in a metal or glass bowl instead of a plastic one. Let me know if you have any questions. Be sure to let me know how your cake turns out. Happy baking!

  14. Last year when I went to collect a form for my toddler, I had almost the same kind of experience. The receptionist was supposed to answer parents inquiry but she was very rude to almost all parents. And she was so busy reading her sms on mobile that she didn't bother to look at me.
    These pakoras are great tea time snack.
    Nice blog...Will come back for more bites:-)

    Hamaree Rasoi

  15. these are healthy and delicious way to eat methi
    thank you for linking

  16. I have these wonderful Pakoda Fritters on my plate and I can't wait to try them. Thank you so much for bringing them to Full Plate Thursday. You have a great week end and please come back!

  17. loving this one and am surely going to try it :)

    US Masala

  18. sounds like an easy dish. looks good too


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