Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spinach/Palak Samosas......Whole Wheat Flour...step-by-step.

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I have a dilemma. Most of the snacks which I share here are often made as an after school snack for my kids. The reason?. Ugly clicks. Kids will be so hungry that they would pounce on them....and will disappear by the time I get my cam....When I made Nithyas breadcups.....I couldn't click them....and Nidhi declared better luck next time Amma!!!. She is so cool to say....why worry Amma ....make again and click them....

Samosa is stuffed pastry and a popular Indian is generally triangular in shape and deep fried, usually with a potato based vegetarian filling.

The pastry is made with all purpose flour or maida mixed with warm oil/ghee/vegetable shortening and made into a soft pliable dough with enough water.

I usually avoid all purpose flour and use whole wheat flour as much as I the pastry here is made with whole wheat flour....I had a bunch of spinach/palak leaves and used them as a filling for the samosa.....I also did not use soda powder....remember I try to make as healthy as possible for kids after school snack.

You can make it entirely with all purpose flour and soda powder (the reason why all street food samosas are crunchy) or half flour and wheat flour.....

For the pastry dough:
Whole wheat flour: 2 cups.
Salt: 1/2 tsp.
Ghee/veg shortening/Oil: 2 or 3 tbsp, warmed.
Ajawain seeds: A fat pinch (optional).
Water as needed.

For the filling:
Boiled potatoes: 3 or 4.
Spinach leaves: 1 small bunch, chopped.
Onion: 1, chopped.
Ginger: A small piece, finely grated.
Green chilly: 1 or 2 chopped.
Lemon juice: Half lemon.
Oil: 1 tbsp.
Oil for deep frying the samosas.

1. Mash the potatoes, in a pan heat oil and fry the chopped onions, green chillies, and ginger lightly. Put in the chopped spinach leaves and fry till the water evaporates. Add salt and the mashed potatoes, mix well. Switch off fire and squeeze half a lemon and mix well. The filling is ready.

2. Rub warm oil into the whole wheat flour with your fingertips, add salt, ajwain seeds; make it into a soft dough using enough water. Knead it nicely on your kitchen counter.

3. Pinch off from the dough and make equal sized balls. Roll them with a rolling pin into small round shape(dust little flour if it is sticky). Slice it into half and put a tbsp of filling on one end.

4. Simply fold it over and press the sides with your fingertips.

5. You can even do some decorations with the tines of fork. Thats it!!....heat oil and deep fry them. You can even brush oil on both sides and bake them.

Kids enjoyed with tomato sauce as usual


Enjoy!!!Will be back soon.
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