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Swiss Roll/Jam Roll with pineapple jam.....step-by-step.

Hi friends....sorry for this short break...I was down with viral was Cheriyan who brought the so-called-virus home from school and one-by-one all four of us fell the best thing about being sick is that when you get sick.....the whole house will be like a war chaos....and when you go into deep slumber with the antibiotics and the virus playing inside ..... you will be awakened for asking how many tsp of detergent to be put in the washing machine or amma I am getting bored with Kanji (rice porridge) I need something special......while the only thing I would want to do is sleep and sleep and sleep.

Finally, I am back on my feet but the house do look like some war struck place and I frankly dont know from where to start....

Now coming to the Swiss Roll or Jam Roll as it is more commonly known in India. Our friends Jaya and Renil whenever they visit us.....they bring this Jam roll from Kanjirappally, a tiny village in Kerala has wonderful pineapple jam/jelly spread in it and while I was searching for this recipe online I came across this wonderful fact about the jam roll which our wonderful friends bring from on the passage which I found in Wikipedia... "A tiny village, Kanjirapally in the south Indian state of Kerala is the best known place for Jam Rolls. A special type of swiss roll with pineapple jelly filling was developed by Kunju's cake shop started in 1931. They use only organic raw materials and rolls are baked in wood-fired traditional oven".

A week ago I made pineapple jam and around that time I also started having this craving for that jam roll.....I have never made a jam roll before and since this is my first attempt I wanted it to be perfect.... I got the recipe from here.


Flour: 3/4 cup.
Baking Powder: 1/2 tsp.
Eggs, seperated: 4.
Powdered Sugar: 3/4 cup.
Vanilla essence: 1 tsp.
Salt. 1/4 tsp.
Pineapple Jam or Mixed fruit Jam: About 5 tbsp.
Caster sugar: About 1/4 cup for dusting.


1. Line a baking tray with greased butter paper (preferably fifteen-inch by ten-inch baking tray and keep aside). 

2. Separate eggs and beat egg white stiff with salt and keep aside.(while beating egg whites make sure that the whisk and the plate is completely dry).

3.  Beat the egg yolks until light. Continue beating and add the powdered sugar gradually, till creamy, add vanilla essence.

4. Sift flour with baking powder, gradually add into egg mixture and beat the batter smooth..

5. Fold in the egg whites into the batter.

5. Spread the batter into the prepared baking tray and bake in preheated oven for about 8 to 12 min.

6. Meanwhile take a kitchen towel and dust it with caster sugar or powdered sugar.

7. When the cake is done, while still hot turn the cake onto the powdered towel, trim the hard edges and carefully roll it up along with the towel. (this way the sponge is getting used to be rolled up, if we rolled it up when cooled it might break). 

8. When cooled, unroll the sponge and spread lavishly with pineapple jam.

9. Reroll again sprinkle with powdered sugar and cut into slices. Serve with ice cream or plain.


  1. Swiss roll looks absolutely marvellous, that sponge looks out of the world Nisa..

  2. rolls look wow.. Sponge looks so soft ..

  3. wow;ly and amazing roll...Yummy treat...:)


  4. Very moist and spongy swiss rolls, loved the click as well.

  5. Nisa, I used to eat jam rolls all the time growing up! I always liked the red jams, lol - raspberry or strawberry, but being an adult now, I would love the pineapple. You did a wonderful job, looks delicious!

  6. this is so tempting. love the colors too. follwing u :)

  7. Jam Rolls have been made with a lot of heart. The look says it all.Wonderful clicks.


  8. Looks so delicious... thanks for the step-by-step recipe..

  9. Spongy and yummy swiss roll,beautiful clicks dear.

  10. Je suis éblouis devant tes si Charmantes photos!! Ton gâteau semble goûter le ciel;) Bon week-end ma belle!!xxx

  11. Wow!!! Its mouthwatering... Wanted to try swiss roll since long and this pics only gives me the required kick to go ahead and try it...

  12. Can i have a piece pls... soft spongy cakes...

  13. Wow...ithu super aayittundu....following you...


  14. wonderful swiss roll.happy u r well.bookmarking it.

  15. Dear Nisa, Thank you for your beautiful birthday wishes. This Swiss Roll looks delicious. I would love to try and make it. Blessings, Catherine xoxo

  16. This looks great and would just melt in your mouth!

  17. wow great recipe dear...can taste it right away

  18. Hi Nisa,
    This is a very beautiful Swiss Jam Roll. It is so delicate looking, I sure would love a nice slice of it. Thank you so much for bringing it to Full Plate Thursday and please come back!

  19. It looks so tasty and super moist. I am sorry to hear about your viral fever. I hope you are doing fine now ! Stay warm ..

  20. Nisa i tried bt my rolling part wasnt a success...stll was tasty....

  21. Hey.The swiss roll looks great.....There is some surprise waiting for you..visit my blog....

  22. Omg that looks mouthwatering!

  23. hope you'll feel much better Nisa.
    the Swiss roll looks amazing, thanks for sharing

  24. Perfect Swiss rolls..I too have posted this :)
    Loved your pics!!

    US Masala

  25. Awesome Swiss rolls.Love pineapple jam filling.

  26. Tempting cake.Uve explained clearly and neatly.

  27. hi nisa

    today i tried & it was a great success.i was determined to make it perfect.your step by step description was very planning to try your paneer crescent also.

  28. many of my friends are suffering from Viral fever... Hope you are fine and perfectly healthy now... The rolls make me remember Hardik. he is my friend who used to bring rolls in school. We would share rolls for idlis :)

    Your preparation is good.

  29. wow...
    looks yummy...
    very well illustrated dear :)

  30. what a yummy bread rolls... simply superb... bookmareked...
    Dish Name Starts with F

  31. A jam roll sounds like a wonderful thing. And, I do have some pineapple jam. Hmmmm....

  32. Beautiful Swiss Roll Nisa!!! Lovely clicks :)...

  33. Gorgeous swiss roll - I hope you are feeling much better - when the mama gets sick the house just falls apart!
    Your pictures are wonderful, I want to reach through and eat a bite! Thanks for sharing this with us at the Hearth and Soul Hop!
    (when you get a chance could you please make the link to the Hop live? thanks!)

  34. This look wonderful! Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites! I'm featuring you this week. Come by and grab my featured button if you'd like one.

  35. You make this look so easy! I can only imagine how yummy it is! Thanks for linking up to katie's cucina the other week!

  36. Hi Looks really Yummy.Will defnitely try this. I ahve notived that there is no butter/fat in this recepie..Is that all right, & does it give a good texture? Annie

  37. @Annie/anonymous....ya that's right no butter/fat in this recipe...but still gives a good be precise a spongy texture. Thankyou for visiting my space...hope I motivated enough to make u try this :)

  38. i'm gonna make it nw...


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