Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chocolate Crackles/Crinkles.......step by step.

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Presenting these gorgeous cookies to all my friends.

I have a cookie cook book which I got from a street vendor who sells old books....and it is a treasure house of amazing cookies.....remember I had posted peanut cookies from that book long time ago.

When I saw these chocolate crackles pic on that cook book.....I knew I had to make it some how....they looked soooo tempting....but the recipe in that book called for chocolate bar which is a bit expensive and difficult to get at this part of the world....I wanted a less expensive, everyday recipe.....which can be made with stuffs I can find in my kitchen.......so I searched the internet for a recipe which can be made with cocoa powder and finally I got this recipe from here.....and when I baked it the first time it came out perfect... look at the number of people who have saved this recipe, submitted photos, and more than 700 reviews wow......need any other reason for not trying this

I used cadbury cocoa powder and for the oil I used rice bran oil which is my cooking medium at present...any vegetable oil should be fine......now the trick to get the cracked effect is chilling the dough which is very IMPORTANT....do not skip it.

I rolled up the dough at night and left in the fridge wrapped up in cling film and made the cookies next day.

An Update:Oct 18, 2012
Today, when I made them, instead of oil I used melted butter and the outcome was......YUM!...pure chocolate heaven.

Recipe source: all recipes.com
I got about 40 cookies with this recipe.

How I made them:
Cocoa powder: 1 cup.
All purpose flour: 2 cups.
White sugar: 2 cups.
Vegetable oil: 1/2 cup, plus 1 or 2 tbsp while mixing the dough.
Eggs: 4.
Vanilla essence: 2 tsp.
Baking powder: 2 tsp.
Salt: 1/2 tsp.

#Powdered sugar: 1/2 cup.(this is for rolling the cookie dough, put it into a bowl and keep aside).

1. In a medium bowl, mix together cocoa, white sugar, and vegetable oil. Beat in eggs one at a time, then stir in the vanilla. Combine the flour, baking powder, and salt; stir into the cocoa mixture. Knead with hands into a soft dough......add extra vegetable oil if needed to make into dough. Do not add water. Cover dough, and chill for at least 4 hours. This is very important....do not skip this

2. Line cookie sheet with parchment paper and keep aside . Pinch off dough and roll into small lemon sized balls and put them into powdered sugar. 

3. Now time to preheat the oven to (175 degree C). Coat each ball in the sugar with your hands before placing them on the greased and lined cookie sheet.

4. Bake in preheated oven for about 10 to 12 min. After about 7 to 8 min you can see the cookies cracking.

5. Remove the cookie sheet from the oven and let it stand in the cookie sheet for a minute or two before transferring to wire racks to cool.

These cookies looks so gorgeous....I love their cracked look

Bite into it to get that "mmmmmmmmmmm" feeling.

They are damn gorgeous aren't they???

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