Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Fish Roe Scrambled.....Step-by-step...Recipe Rewind!!

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Fish Roe or Fish eggs or Pananjeen as we call it in common at this time of the year....especially sardine fish roe. My son loves it scrambled to have with rice.

I had posted this long back in this space when I was an anonymous blogger.....I had mentioned earlier that I will be rewinding some of my favorite recipes which I had posted ....which I make often in my kitchen.

You can find the original post here

Sardine fish roe: About ½ cup.
Coconut Oil: 2or 3 tbsp.
Shallots: 3 or 4, slit.
Grated coconut: 1/4 cup.
Green chilies chopped: 3.
Pepper powder: 1/4 tsp.
Rice flour: 1/2 tsp.
1 spring curry leaves.
Salt as needed.

1. Sardine fish roe all cleaned up and ready!!

2. Take a bowl and put in the scraped coconut, green chilies, slit shallots, pepper, rice flour, salt.

3. Mash it with your fingers or you can also blend the fish roe in ur blender and then add to this...but I prefer my fingers.

4. Heat a skillet and pour coconut oil and put in the fish roe.

5. After about 2 min flip to the other side and scramble it. Let it cook on slow flame for another 5 to 10 min stirring in between till all the moisture has dried up and it is nicely fried. When done sprinkle curry leaves on top and switch off the fire.

Serve hot with rice!!


  1. Oh looks so delicious. Perfect side dish for any rice variety.

  2. recipe step by step is very clear to understand
    gr8 super!!!!!!

  3. Lovely looking scrambled fish roe. Excellent preparation.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. Looks so delicious..absolutely yummy.

  5. Very healthy and delicious recipe dear, i love your step by step presentation!!!!

  6. looks fabulous, yummy and tempting.

  7. Looks mouthwatering and very yummy.

  8. Fish podimas...I just luv it...looks super yum!!

  9. My hubby loves fish roe and I seldom cook it cos I've never got a recipe. This sounds like a much try for him. Thanks for sharing.

  10. This is my favourite, I can finish a whole plate of this, so yummy!

  11. never heard of this before..but looks delicious...lovely presentation...

  12. I never tried this fish...healthy and tasty dish

  13. these are my all time used to buy lots of it every Sunday, now its quite hard to get...missing those days...

  14. Nice and it came out quite well. Will be trying more of your recipes. Thanks!

  15. We just made this recipe and we loved it - such a great use of fish roe and great indian flavours. We'll be doing regurlarly now.


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