Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pressure Cooker Semiya Payasam- Onam Special

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Easy Pressure Cooker Semiya Payasam is one of the best delights of Onam. Today is "Atham", people start Onam festivities by putting pookalam or floral carpet in front of their homes to welcome Mahabali.

I am sharing pressure cooker semiya payasam (kheer) for my friends today. Amma used to make this payasam since my childhood. This is entirely cooked in a pressure cooker and not with condensed milk, though the taste of the payasam makes you wonder if there is condensed milk in it.

This payasam have the same taste of ambalapuzha paal payasam or that's what those who taste this states. Since milk and sugar is pressure cooked for 30 min and opened after another 30 min, the milk will turn light pinkish in colour and slightly thicker.

I used homogenized milk and added only a teaspoon of ghee to lightly fry the cashewnuts and raisins. If you are using plain vermicili do not forget to fry them in a tsp of ghee, I used roasted vermicili.

From my experience, it is always better to use a bigger pressure cooker otherwise once the pressure builds up there is a chance of milk to be leaked out . I used 7.5 litre cooker also, I simmered close to about 40 minutes though a minimum of  30 minutes is a must.

It is also important to wait near the cooker while the steam builds up and when the whistle is about to go, simmer it for 30-40 minutes.

Begin onam festivities with this yummy payasam.

List of Onam Sadya Recipes

Milk: 1 1/2 liters.
Sugar: 1 cup.
Roasted vermicili: 1 cup.
Cashewnuts: 2 tbsp.
Raisins: 2 tbsp.
Cardamon: 3.
Ghee: 1 tsp

Get the ingredients ready.

Put sugar in the pressure cooker (preferably large cooker).

Add milk. Note the colour of milk is white before cooking.

Close the cooker and put the cooker on high flame. Do not go away, wait for the steam to come, immediately put the weight on the stub of the cooker and wait for the whistle. When the whistle is about to go....immediately simmer the fire for about 30-40 min. After 30-40 min switch off the fire and leave the cooker unopened for another 30-40 min.

Open the cooker after 30-40 minutes. You can see the colour of the milk has turned into light pink. Again switch on the fire and simmer it. Crush the cardamon and add to this.

Add 1 cup of roasted or fried vermicili. Simmer for 5 to 10 min or until the vermicili is cooked.

While the vermicili is getting cooked. In a kadai, heat a tsp of ghee and roast the cashew and raisins.

Pour this on to the payasam and serve hot.

Make this payasam for your loved ones and enjoy Onam.

Note: I had posted this paysam two years back minus the step by step pics.


  1. wonderful payasam...u r right the color of the milk looks like theres condensed milk in it!

  2. Nice n delicious payasam.looks perfect

  3. just what i was looking for nisa....happy onam!!!!!!

  4. Irresistible and inviting payasam,droolworthy definitely.

  5. lovely color and method Nisa.. will sure try this... just need patience but worth it i suppose

  6. wow yummy n first time seeing by pressure cooker method...

  7. Pressure cooker way is new to me...looks yum

  8. Pressure cooker payasam looks delicious.

  9. This looks awesome! I love the idea of cooking milk and sugar in the pressure cooker. I learned something new today with this! Thanks :)

  10. tried out...turned out really good....thanks :-)

  11. Chechi, I was just wondering how could the color of milk change... But it indeed changed... Thanks for posting this recipe... Today is our 3rd wedding anniversary and this was top in the hit list.. Thanks once again.

    1. Thank you Soja for the feedback!! Happy belated wedding anniversary :)

  12. Hi Nisa,
    First of all congrats. You have a very successful blog. I have tried out a whole range of recipe of yours and every-time it had come out well. Thanks to you. But in case of pressure cooker payasam it was a different story. Instead of the original quantity i have tried it out with 1/2 liter of milk. I had only a small pressure cooker and hence opted for the same. All the other timings were exactly followed as per your recipe. But after cooking it for 40 mts and waiting for another 40 mts, when i opened the pressure cooker, i was heart broken. Instead of beautiful payasam, it was a mess like that of custard. The flavour had come out just right. I dont know what had happened. Could you please tell what could have gone wrong here.?

    1. I really can understand you.....but do you know what you got at the end was khoya...which is used for making milk peda etc....you should have reduced the cooking time.....anyways...try it again, when you get a bigger cooker....thanks a ton for trying out my recipes....and for the lovely and kind words of inspiration.

  13. I tried out and it came out well. Thanks

    1. Thank you for coming back with the feedback and so glad you enjoyed the payasam.

  14. Hello madam, I am browsing thru ur blog for some very good tips N innovative ways of cooking...loving it. pressure cooker payas am. So new N tempting...will try definitely.


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