Wednesday, October 03, 2012

No Bake Chocolate Balls (eggless)....step by step.

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Chocolate balls....biscuit balls.....coconut balls....cocoa them whatever you want... these are so melt-in-the-kind-of  goodness.

No cooking.....and eggless....they are ready in just about 10 minutes....this sure will bring extra hugs from your brace yourselves for that :)

Just powder the biscuits and sugar....add in the condensed milk.....cocoa powder.....mix and roll easy....

About 8-10 years ago, while living in Coorg our neighbor, Prabha aunty's lovely daughter Deepika used to make this and give it to my  used to love them....I had asked her for the recipe....I might have stored it in my memory thinking that ..."its easy to remember no need to write it down"...anyways, after changing houses and states in between the recipe was long forgotten until recently my daughter remembered it "Amma do you remember those yummy chocolate balls Deepika chechy (an endearment in malayalam) used to make, I feel like having that NOW"....and I  was just 'oh, but I dont remember how she used to make it". Thanks to FB I was able to leave a message and got the recipe.

Psst! Dieters forgive me.....honestly I just had two, no three, four. come on, I was just checking or rather tasting for you guys....and still the label is I made for my make them for your kids and indulge in them secretly :)

Marie Biscuits: 255 gms.(lightly crumble it)
Sugar: 1/4 cup. (if you are on the sweeter side you can add a bit more)
Cocoa powder: 3 tbsp.
Condensed milk: 1 tin.
Vanilla essence: 1 tsp.
Desiccated coconut: 1/2 cup.
Butter, melted: 1 tbsp (to grease hands).

An Update; 08/10/12

My friend Siona mentioned on FB that when she tried it, she could not get the choc balls together..they were sort of loose or I made again and checked it....initially I mentioned 200 gms.....but I found that 255 gm are just right for the dough to hold together and also if you leave the dough for 10 min, it hardens a grease your hands with butter or ghee while rolling into balls....updating the picture of the biscuit I used... I feel miserable when I get a feedback that my recipe dint work for someone and try my best to work on getting it right. So, I made it again (thankfully I had a tin of condensed milk in the pantry). I hope this helps. Again if the final dough becomes loose add a bit more of powdered biscuits.

I used marie light double pack.

And the weight is

In a grinder, grind the crumbled biscuits and sugar to very fine powder. Then add in the cocoa powder.

And grind again.

Put the powdered mix into a bowl and pour in the condensed milk.

Mix well with your hand and knead it into a soft ball.

Put desiccated coconut in a shallow plate. Grease your hands with butter and simply pinch lemon sized balls from the dough and roll in the desiccated coconut.

Store them in air tight container....this should keep for a week IF the kids permit!!


You can also roll them in sprinkles or in chocolate strands...
And Deepika thank you!!

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