Wednesday, February 13, 2013

10 Minutes Chocolate Fudge...step by step.

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10 minutes chocolate fudge or should I call it my favorite homemade chocolates.....I have been making this way back from the early 90s.
This chocolate fudge holds a special place in my heart because the success of this, over and again, gave me the confidence to venture into the world of cooking. 

I have lost count of the number of times I have made this fudge, which my kids call it as homemade chocolates. Initially when I started blogging, I had posted this because this fudge is so special to me. 
I have tried all sorts of variations with this fudge; like rolling into small balls, covering it with colored foil papers, mixing it with rum soaked raisins (rum and raisin chocolates), mixed with chopped cashewnuts, topped with many variations; which you can also try. The best part is there is no expensive chocolates to be melted, just every day stuff which you can find in your pantry and so easy.

Kids will love this super-quick, super-healthy fudge and believe me all it takes is 10 minutes.

Author: Nisa Homey
Everyday milk powder 200gm-1 packet.(only use everyday brand)
Sugar-1 cup (200 ml cup)
water-1/2 cup.
Cadbury's cocoa powder-1/4 cup.
Butter-1/4 cup/50 gms.
Vanilla essence-1 or 2 drops.
Crushed cashew nuts-little.(optional,)
Colored sweet balls or silver balls for decoration.(optional)


Get everything ready.

Keep all the ingredients together, this will get done really quickly. In a saucepan, heat 1 cup sugar and 1/2 cup water. Let the mixture boil and then simmer.

Allow it to boil till it reaches one string (I have tried to take a picture of the 1 string, but it was difficult balancing cam with one hand and taking the hot sugar syrup with the other)

As soon as it reaches 1 string, switch off fire and add in the butter.

Mix well and add in the vanilla essence.

Then dunk in 1/4 cup of cocoa powder. (you can sieve this to avoid lumps, but I did not)

Mix well, so that there aren't any lumps....those lumps which is showing on the pic is okay, don't mind that, just stir vigorously.

Add in the milk powder

Mix mix mix..... Vigorously...seriously girls, get your arms working.

See, I told you not to worry about the lumps....

Grease a pan.....with the cover of the butter.

Immediately pour this chocolate heaven into the pan....I am doing balancing act, cam on left hand and fudge mix on the right-double wow.

Spread with a spoon (just grease the bottom of a flat spoon with butter and then just spread with it to get a glossy effect).

While still warm cut into your desired are going to love this. This will keep more than a week at room temperature If they are allowed to stay.

Happy Valentines Day to all.

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