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How To Make Praline...step by step

How to make praline easily is what I learned sometime back, and I thought it is high time I shared this with you. What is praline?? it is a sweet substance made by boiling nuts in sugar and grinding the mixture or a semi crisp candy made by the same process. This is usually used to top ice-creams, puddings, or milk shakes for the extra has a butterscotch caramel flavor.

Sprinkling praline on puddings gives it a nice can store this in the fridge and top it in just about everything.....and it so easy to make. Also, you can use any nuts like cashewnuts (which is my personal favorite), almonds, hazelnuts....

I topped this milk pudding with praline for that extra crunch.

This is my way of making praline; no nonstick pan or butter paper, no mess or fuss......but super easy.

Author: Nisa Homey.
Sugar: 1 cup.
Butter: 1 tsp.
Cashewnuts: 1/4 cup chopped.
1 aluminum foil (disposable) container.

Butter (about 1/4 tsp) an aluminum foil container and keep aside.

Heat a deep pan, add in 1 cup of sugar, reduce heat to lowest and wait while the sugar starts to melt.

And turn to a light golden brown....stirring the sugar or tilting the pan till all the sugar is melted....and it is amber color.

Add in 3/4 tsp butter.

Switch off the fire and add in nuts...I added cashewnuts.

Tip immediately into the greased aluminum foil container.

Leave it undisturbed till it comes to room temp.

The easy part is once it has cooled down, you can just slide it will look like a candy brittle....isn't that super cool.

But, we are not taking it out.....we are going to grind it let it stay put in the container, close all the 4 sides tightly.....and take out your meat tenderizer or rolling pin, or what ever heavy duty gadget you have in your kitchen :).....and just bang it up and show your know will love this...ask them to do it for you...

Flip over to the other side and bang again.

Open the container to reveal.....the most gorgeous crunch homemade crunch. I like my crunch to be a bit coarse....and if you do not fancy all this banging, just break the brittle into smaller pieces and pop them in a mixer grinder and give it a sturdy pulse till you get coarse crumbs....but I prefer this way....and yes those big pieces on the right side was shared by my kids and myself....

Bottle and store in refrigerator and use when can even add this when you make homemade chocolate fudge.


  1. Wow this is nicely explained.

    Check this giveaway:

  2. love it.. yumm! I would add some almonds. :)

  3. Definitely a great idea of making praline... Thanks for Sharing... Bookmarked

  4. Even i love the praline on top of my vanilla icecream..very beautiful post.

  5. Lovely!! I didn't know it was this simple :-)

  6. G'day! Love the step by step photos, TRUE!
    Have made praline once but now your recipe and photos have inspired me to try again too!
    Cheers! Joanne
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  7. They are on almost everything! I love to top them esp. on the cheesecake.

  8. So Nicely Explained :) I Had this idea but ur post inspired me most :) a keeper recipe :)

  9. hey there, Made a batch of these now :) resting to cool :) can you tel me how long it can be stored? and does it have to be stored in fridge?

    1. Shweet Spicess-Thanks for stopping by with the feedback....yes it is best to store in fridge...mine does not last much (with kids around) but still it will store for a week or more...but in fridge!!


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