Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Quick Milk Pudding (No bake and eggless)...step by step

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**********Quick Milk Pudding is something which I grew up on from teenage to easy eggless no bake milk pudding topped with chocolate sauce and praline for that extra crunch ************

Winning always calls up on celebrations and if it is with top honors then you feel you are BLESSED and that's what my daughter, Nidhi tells me.... that "she is blessed" after securing A1 in all the subjects for her 10th CBSE Examination, with a result of 10/10 is a great achievement for her and for us parents.....we truly are blessed.

Nidhi loves this easy and quick milk pudding; which I often make for her, and to celebrate her success, I am sharing this awesome pudding with you....which is so easy to make if you have a can of sweetened condensed milk in your pantry, along with homemade chocolate sauce, and praline easy pudding to surprise the family......perfect for summer.

This eggless pudding can be made with just 3 ingredients; condensed milk, milk, and gelatine.....there is no sugar in this recipe....since we are using sweetened condensed milk.

Notes: #Pls visit my post on how to make praline.
             Pls visit my post on how to make homemade chocolate sauce.
 # When topping praline, only sprinkle just before serving, never top it and it will make the praline break into syrup....and it will be a total disaster; believe me it happened to me and ruined the whole pudding. The same rule goes for the chocolate sauce too.
An Update: Jan 31, 14: When I received a comment that the pudding did not set when made, I made the pudding and just wanted to share some updates...use fresh gelatin, and if you use 1 heaped tsp of gelatin the pudding will not be firmly set...but slightly on the pudding consistency....if you want it to set firmly, so that you can just slice them off...then you need to increase gelatin to 1 tbsp.

Author: Nisa Homey
Condensed milk: 1 tin.
Milk: 2 condensed milk tin.
Gelatine: 1 heaped tsp (if your want a thicker consistency increase to 1 tbsp)

Add Sprinkle gelatine to a little warm milk. (when using gelatine make sure you are using fresh ones)

Allow it to dissolve....there will be a few lumps, so make sure you sieve this when you pour into the milk mix. I usually dissolve gelatine this way; another method is double boiling the milk and adding the gelatine....either way you should make sure it is completely dissolved.....if there are any lumps should sieve otherwise....there will be lumps in the pudding. You can see there are some lumps....and because of that I did sieve.

Pour sweetened condensed milk into a deep bottomed pan.

Measure two tins of  milk and pour into the condensed milk (pour milk into the same condensed milk tin and measure).

Now pour this into the condensed milk.(two tins of milk).

Heat the pan, stirring on and off until it comes to a boil and then simmer. Then pour the sieved gelatine mixed milk into this......stir well.

While still warm transfer to a pudding can also pass this throu a sieve while pouring to the dish.

Refrigerate for 3 hours or until it has become set. Just before serving sprinkle praline on top.

And drizzle with your favorite chocolate syrup/sauce and serve chilled.

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