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How To Cook Corn In A Pressure Cooker.

How to cook corn in a pressure cooker!! and that too in 5 minutes!! a few shakes of salt and a smear of butter and it is ready to munch!!

Here it has been pouring continuously for the past three days and pretty cold too....and munch'in corn is the next best thing to do in monsoons....I like grilled corn (on charcoal) more than boiled one...but my son just loves this...and this is something I make often. Pressure cooking is something I love, it saves time, energy and the nutrients are intact....I try to cook food especially biriyani and pulav in pressure cooker to save time!!

Corn is known as "bhutta" in hindi and "cholam" in malayalam.....these days we get sweet corn also.

This is a no recipe post!!

Here is how I boil corn in the pressure cooker:

Into the pressure cooker, drop in the corn, add water; almost half of the cooker. If you like salted corn, add some salt. Cover the cooker with its lid. After the first whistle, simmer the fire for 2-3 min and then switch off the fire. Run the cooker under cold water until steam releases...and then open and strain the water...ta! da! boiled salted corn ready for munch'in!!

I like to rub a lime slice dipped into salt and red chilly is spicy and salty and yum!!
During summers I like the corn to come to room temperature or sometimes I even pop it in the fridge for sometime!! Summers are for cold corn!!
During monsoons and winter...I like them a bit warm! but with a nice drizzle of butter!!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes Rasi, staples during monsoons and winter!!

  2. what a beautiful colour..looks yumm

    1. Yes!! this is not sweet corn, it is the Indian variety and has deep color!!

  3. Very easy to prepare corn. Thanks for posting this method.

  4. A quick and easy way to prepare fresh corns!

    1. Yes Angie, pressure cooking is such a quick and easy way!!

  5. i also cook corn in the pressure cooker like you. easy and quick.

  6. I've never cooked corn in a pressure cooker. It looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing this method!

  7. Your tutorial for this recipe is awesome and I can't wait to make this tasty dish.

  8. I tried it with sweet corn with little butter. Everyone liked it especially my 20 month old son !

  9. Awesome. My 20 month old son loved it!


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