Thursday, October 31, 2013

Condensed Milk Semiya Payasam

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Kheer or Payasam with semiya or rice is a festive season special. This Diwali, I am sharing quick condensed milk semiya payasam...its so quick and easy that you get the payasam ready in about 15-20 minutes and with little effort.

Since one tin condensed milk is used, the payasam is rich and creamy.....and nuts and raisins roasted in gheee add a light crunch and flavor. I used almonds instead of cashewnuts for this payasam....and I loved the change....who wouldn't love a nutty crunch in the payasam!! and raisins, I love thee!!

This is one of the quickest payasam, and a no excuse one for this Diwali with guests and family around, try this payasam and indulge in....and hit the gym after all the sweet indulgence :)

Try carrot halwa/gajar ka halwa or pressure cooker semiya payasam....if you can spare some time for elaborate cooking this Diwali.

Notes: There is no sugar in this payasam, condensed milk will give all the needed sweetness; still if you are more on the sweeter side...can add 3 to 4 tbsp of sugar. If the payasam thickens, you can thin it with some plain boiled milk....I like a bit thick payasam that ofcourse you can make out from the picture...I used almonds instead of the popular cashewnuts, you can also use pistachinos along with raisins.

List of Kerala Onam Sadya Recipes

Author: Nisa Homey
Serves: 8-10
Full fat milk: 1 litre
Condensed milk: 1 tin.
Roasted semiya: 1 cup.
Raisins: 1 tbsp.
Almonds/Badam: 2 tbsp or as needed.
Cardamon: 3 or 4, crushed.
Ghee: 2 tbsp.

I used full fat pasteurized milk, condensed milk, and 1 cup of semiya.

In a heavy bottomed pan, heat 1 tbsp ghee and add in the crushed cardamons, and then tip in the semiya, lower the flame and fry lightly...(if you are using plain semiya, slightly fry it a little longer so that it will get roasted)

Add in the milk, put the flame on high...stir, do not leave the stove as the milk will boil stay put!! Once the milk boils reduce the flame to lowest....dont forget to stir.

Meanwhile, chop up the almonds or cashewnuts; which ever you are using.

After about 10 min, the semiya will be cooked and the milk will be slightly I mentioned earlier, I like a bit thick payasam, if you do not do not have wait it till it becomes this thick.

Tip in the condensed milk, mix well....still on low flame...maybe for about 2 min or so and then switch off the fire when nicely incorporated.

Serve hot or chilled.
Enjoy this Diwali with a cup of payasam.

Tip: You can use rice instead of semiya, pressure cook half cup of rice with milk.

Happy Diwali to all my friends, enjoy!!


  1. looks so rich, creamy and delicious.

  2. woww this one is my all time favourite :) i just luv it :)

  3. Looks like a very delicious dessert!

  4. Rich looking payasam..........nice & delicious dessert for this diwali.
    "Happy Diwali to you" Nisa.

  5. Simple and flavorful...following you will be happy if you follow me back as well

  6. I am a very happy woman!!! I always get this dessert when we go out for Indian food because I just love it! I had no idea how to make it so thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't wait to make this home!


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