Thursday, November 28, 2013

How to Soak Dry Fruits in Rum / Christmas

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Dry fruits soaked in rum/brandy is an yearly Christmas ritual for me, where I collect dry fruits and soak in rum, to make fruit cake for Christmas.

It never occurred to me share it with you while I was soaking them, and so I did not take any detailed pictures, even of the dry fruits I soaked. During mid November, I make it a point to do this rum-soaking-indulgence, ah! yes! getting ready for Christmas. This is a two week old soaked dry fruits; which I will use for fruit cakes and a lot of other Christmas goodies (which I will also be sharing, so stay tuned).

Since I got some messages regarding soaking dry fruits; I thought it is best to share whatever knowledge I gathered along the years, and I am sure it will help the novice baker, trying to bake her first fruit cake. Also, if you still have not soaked your dry fruits, then I think you should now. You sure can make a lot of goodies with it other than making fruit cake.

Merry; if you are reading this...a huge thank you for being my friend; and for the wonderful shares on FB :)

Update (11/12/13):
I have shard my favorite fruit cake with 1 heaped cup of dry fruits from this recipe.
Also Check out Rum and Raisin Brownies which was made with just half cup of dry fruits from this recipe.


  1. #I am sharing an approximate measurement needed to be soaked in Rum. 
  2. #I normally do not chop raisins/dry grapes; but you can if you like it....remember they will otherwise be cut when we slice the baked cake.
  3. #You can add your favorite dry fruits other than mentioned here.
  4. #You can soak in brandy or rum...its a matter of personal preference
  5. #I never add water to this, as I like to keep any leftovers for longer period.
  6. # After a week of soaking, I transfer half of this into another bowl, and only then I add the chopped dates...because the dry fruits without the dates are used for Christmas goodies, so if you plan to use the soaked fruits other than the fruit cake; I would suggest you to do the same (I sure will post them soon).
  7. #Once you bottle it....shake it once in a while, so that the fruits remain wet...and all boozy!!
  8. #Keep it in a dark place.
  9. .#This has alcohol content, not suitable for kids, pregnant ladies....etc.
  10. The picture above is minus the dates.
Author: Nisa Homey
Rum or Brandy: 180 ml
Sultana: 100 gms.
Raisins: 100 gms
Kismis: 100 gms.
Dates: 100 gms, chopped. (optional)
Cashewnuts: 100 gms, chopped
Almonds: 100 gms, de-skin and chopped.
Cherry: 50 gm, chopped.
Tutti Frutti: 50 gms (optional, I did not use)
Candy peel: 50 gm (I used lemon candy peel, you can also use orange)
Ginger candy: 25 gm.

Put all the dry fruits (except the dates; refer note no-6) into a wide mouth bottle/container...pour the rum all over it...close lid...shake it and keep it in a dark place....make sure to shake it 2 or 3 times everyday for at least a week...
Use this where soaked dry fruits is mentioned. I soak mine by mid if you havent soaked yours its time you did...its not late yet!!

Boozy dry fruits ready for Christmas!!

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