Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Coconut Shrimp Recipe / Kerala Style

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Coconut Shrimp is a crunchy and quick fried shrimp with coconut flavor. Its coated with coconut and breadcrumbs, thus making it crunchy and crispy outside and juicy and tender inside....a very mildly spiced fried shrimp.

Christmas eve is always special and amma used to make quick and easy snacks to indulge in with family and friends and this fried coconut shrimp always tops the list. I love coconut shrimp because it is so easy to make, just have to pop it in hot oil and ta-da fried coconut shrimp is all yours. The only dipping sauce I like for coconut shrimp is my favorite homemade tomato sauce.

Okay, I admit! this is so very yum that you would want more and more, and will get reminded by elders to keep to minimum, yes! its that good...the coconut flavor will make you want more...

It is best to go in for big shrimp or extra large ones rather than small ones. So when Homey got me some fresh ones from the market....I knew instantly what he was hinting....Christmas eve special or should I say before- midnight-mass-indulgence :)

So lets get cooking fried coconut shrimp!

Note: Shrimp causes allergy for some, it is advisable to devien and clean it thoroughly before using.
If you want to prevent the shrimp from curling, just make 3 or 4 perpendicular incisions along the inside of the curl, but here I did not do it.

Author: Nisa Homey.
Recipe Source: Amma.
Serves: 2-3.
Cooking time: 15 min

Extra large shrimp: 200 gms.
Kashmiri  Red Chilly Powder: 1/2 tsp.
Turmeric Powder: 1/4 tsp.
Pepper Powder: 1/2 tsp.
Lime juice: 1 tsp.
Salt: 1/2 tsp (always be a bit cautious adding salt to shrimp)
Corn flour: 1 tbsp.
Egg white: 1, slightly beaten.
Bread crumbs: 1/2 cup.
Desiccated Coconut: 1/2 cup (I used sweetened).
Oil for frying.

 This is the extra large fresh shrimp which I was talking about. I like leave the tail on, but make sure you shell, devein, and clean it thoroughly.

In a bowl add in the Kashmiri chilly powder, turmeric, pepper, salt, egg white, and lime juice.

Mix well and add cornflour. The cornflour will absorb the excess moisture and gives it a light crunchy coating.

Again, mix well...keep aside for 5 min.

The left one is homemade bread crumbs and the right one is desiccated coconut.

Mix them up.

Coat each shrimp in the coconut-breadcrumbs mixture...press firmly with your hands. Meanwhile heat a deep bottomed cast iron kadai with oil.

Okay! All done.

Pop carefully the coconut shrimp into hot oil and deep fry....(shrimp will cook fast, and once the oil is hot...put it to medium, so that the outer covering will be golden brown....(I mean we dont want a brown colour fried shrimp) So keep an eye on the frying part.

Enjoy your Christmas eve, with Fried Coconut Shrimp.

Merry Christmas to all my wonderful friends, have a blessed and safe holidays!

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    1. Thank you Angie, for stopping by...Merry Christmas to you and family...

  2. It look like prawn tempura. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I could eat a dozen of these beauties. YUMMMM!!! I'm off to pin this for later. :)


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