Monday, December 16, 2013

Nadan Chicken Roast (Kerala Style)

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Kerala Chicken Roast or Nadan Chicken Roast is a pan roasted chicken fry with very little oil. The spices is blended and rub over the chicken and slow roasted in coconut oil...and lastly garnished with fresh curry leaves.

The best thing about this chicken roast or kozhi roast is that, you do not marinate and keep for a long time, as it is slow roasted the marination will seep in, so this is an easy and quick dish. You really do not need any preparation, just gather all the ingredients blend and quick and easy!!

The ingredients for the marination are blended in a mixie or blender and rubbed on to the raw chicken, which is then slow roasted. The chicken are so well coated with spices and it is tender and juicy. I would suggest a nonstick pan or a cast iron skillet, I used the former....and I just used about 1 tbsp of oil to roast! for calorie conscious people!

I used 500 gm chicken and had to make it in two batches, and I used just about 1-2 tbsp of oil all together. For this recipe, I would suggest bone-in-chicken, rather than boneless.....try it and you will know why I made this suggestion :)

This one is so easy to make, that I am sure bachelors will love it......guys are you listening??

Author: Nisa Homey
Prepartion time: About 25-30 min.
Slightly adapted from here

Chicken: 500 gm.

To grind
Onions: 2, medium.
Kashmiri Red Chilly: 6-7, whole.
Ginger: 1 inch piece.
Garlic cloves: 6-7.
Lemon: Juice of half a lemon.
Curry leaves: 1 sprig.

To Coat:
Rice flour: 2 tbsp.
Salt: 1 - 1/2 tsp
Coconut oil: 1-2 tbsp

Wash and clean the chicken and keep aside.
Put ingredients under "to grind" into a blender.

Squeeze half of a lemon into it.

And blend.

Put this over the cleaned chicken. Add 2 tbsp of rice flour and 1 to 1 1/2 tsp salt (or as needed). Mix well.

Heat a non stick pan or an iron skillet pan. Add 1 tbsp of coconut oil, once it is heated, lay the chicken pieces, simmer the fire and cover the pan with a lid....let it cook and roast on low flame for about 5-7 min....just check in between, we do not want it to get burnt.

Then turn the chicken carefully and let it cook and roast the other side for about 5 min....or until it is nicely done. Lastly sprinkle some fresh curry leaves and toss it.....see that all the sides of the chicken are roasted...if needed toss it and simmer away for another 2-3 min.

Serve hot with Coconut Rice or Tandoori Roti
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  1. Drooling here. Very inviting.

  2. Oo i want that plate fully now.. mouthwatering chicken.

  3. I tried. was yum...but didn't turn out as beautiful as strtd sticking to the pan nd I removed it quickly.....but the taste was........... yummy. .....

  4. Can you put this on a whole roast chicken and place it in the oven x

  5. Hello Nisa.. I prepared this last night and I must tell you it was delicious! My husband relished it.. thank you and keep up the good work.. Regards Betsy

    1. So glad that you enjoyed it, Betsy! thanks for stopping by with the feedback.

  6. Hi Nisa, i tried this chicken roast last day and my husband loved it very much more than chicken he loved the masala covered in the chicken, actually i made a little bit more masala than needed and roasted with the chicken,,,,,,, and u know i got all the credit of ur recipe,,,,,,,

    1. So glad you enjoyed it and thanks for stopping by :)


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