Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chicken Tikka Wrap / Tandoori Roti Wrap

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Chicken tikka wrapped with homemade tandoori roti is so easy to make and a whole meal in itself. Kids and adults will love this and I have to warn you these are so very addictive!!
The best thing about this wrap is there is no cooking involved, you just assemble everything and wrap it....just make sure that if the tikka is cold to slightly warm it along with the tandoori roti.

Its no secret that I love to create wholesome meals with left over food and this wrap is from left over chicken tikka and whole wheat tandoori roti which I made for my daughter, Nidhi. Tandoori roti is a bit heavy than ordinary roti, so this makes a whole meal for her since it has few vegetables, chicken, and yougurt/curd. If I am sending this to school for her, I usually wrap without the yogurt/curd, but will keep it in a small bowl, so that she can spread it on her own. The reason why I do this is I do not want the wrap to be soggy or wet with the yogurt. But If make this at home for both of them for lunch or dinner, I usually top it with yogurt / curd ....just the way you see in the picture. Both my kids tell me that this is one-filling-meal!! 

I love making wraps, as it is hazzle free and quick and easy...if you have some left over dry curries in the refrigerator.....then wrapping them with whole wheat flatbread /roti or whole wheat tandoori roti....would be ideal to take to school for lunch.

Bachelors, this is ideal for you to take to work or even as a meal.

Author: Nisa Homey.
Preparation Time: 10-15 min

Tips: This is a random measurement, feel free to increase or decrease accordingly.
Tandoori Roti: 2.
Chicken Tikka: A few pieces
Capsicum: 1/2 of a medium, sliced.
Onion: 2, sliced.
Tomato: 1, cut into half and sliced.
Cucumber: 1/2, sliced.
Coriander leaves: Chopped, a handful.
Curd / Yogurt: 3 to 4 tbsp.

Here are the stars. Get everything ready near you, so that you do not have to run around for it...and this helps to make the wrap pretty fast. There is no cooking involved here.

Take a tandoori roti, slightly warm it up. Spread a little chopped coriander leaves.

Top with tomato slices.

And then cucumber, capsicum, and onion.

Then top with chicken tikka pieces.

Again a few more onion slices, for that extra crunch!. If you are planning to wrap this for kids lunch box or for your hubby's office lunch...then simply wrap this in an aluminum foil. But dont forget to send a small container with some yogurt/curd. They can either dip in yogurt or simply open the wrap and top with curd/yogurt..

Or if you plan to have it immediately, then top it with thick curd/yogurt, 1 to 2 tbsp or as you prefer.
Do the same with the second tandoori roti.

Serve immediately. Since once it is topped with might make the wrap a bit soggy or wet, so it is better to serve immediately.

The filling is so large that I could just barely close it....yes!! it is one healthy skinny meal! So very whole some!

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