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Keema Paratha / Minced Meat Stuffed Flatbread

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Keema Paratha a.k.a Minced Meat Stuffed Flatbread is a North Indian Meal where, roti/flatbread is stuffed with minced meat. It can be had on its own or with tomato sauce or yogurt/curd.
I love making parathas, you know why?? its because unlike roti/flatbread......paratha does not need a side dish to go can be had with plain yogurt/curd, pickles, or even on its own....though my kids love to dip them in homemade tomato sauce.

When I make parathas, sometimes I pre-cook them on the tawa and cool and refrigerate it, so that I just have to reheat it with a drizzle of ghee when needed, especially for kids lunch box. Both my kids love to take parathas to school, they say it is less messy and they can finish their lunch pretty fast and feel full.....yes it is less messy! I agree too.....their other favorites are cheese filled paratha, cauliflower paratha, and methi paratha

I had earlier posted on how to pre-cook flatbread/roti and refrigerate it....I use the same method with parathas to refridgerate or freeze them....and reheat as and when needed. I am sure this method will help all the busy moms who stop by my space.

I have used beef for the filling here, you can use mutton or chicken if you prefer. I have used curry leaves here instead of coriander leaves/cilantro which is commonly used in North Indian cooking, simply because I love the combination of curry leaves and beef....if you prefer coriander leaves, feel free to use it. The beef mix is very mildly spiced without any coriander or chilly powder or tomato.....adding tomatoes tends to make the mix a bit I always omit them and add a bit of vinegar instead.

Note: I am giving a random measurement on how much wheat flour is to be used, increase or decrease accordingly.

Author: Nisa Homey
For the beef mince mix:
Beef: 250 gms.
Onion: 2 medium, chopped finely.
Ginger: 1/2 inch piece, chopped finely.
Green chilies: 2 chopped.
Pepper powder: 1-2 tsp (according to your tolerance)
Garam masala : 3/4 tsp.
Vinegar: 1 tsp.
Curry leaves: 1 sprig, chopped.
Salt: 1 tsp.
Oil: 1 1/2 tbsp.
Ghee/oil to drizzle while making paratha.

For the dough:
Make whole wheat roti dough with 2 cups of whole wheat flour, salt, and water as needed..If you need any help on this please check here
I would advise to get the meat mix ready first and then proceed to make the dough.

Lets make the beef mince mix. 
Add the cleaned beef (squeeze out the water) into the pressure cooker along with 1/2 tsp of pepper powder, 1/2 tsp salt, and vinegar. Close cooker and after one whistle simmer for 15 to 20 min and then switch off the fire.

Open cooker, f there is any water in the cooker, switch the fire on and allow the water to dry up. Then bring the meat to room temp.

As always I used my food processor to make everything easier. Mince onion, green chilly, ginger, and curry leaves OR you can chop them finely.

Heat a kadai or pan with 1 1/2 tbsp of oil. Add in the mince onion mix. Saute for a min with 1/2 tsp salt...simmer the fire.

Meanwhile, mince the cooked meat.

Add this to the sauted and lightly browned onion. Add in the garam masala and more pepper if needed. Make sure the mix is very dry. I usually saute it for about 5 min on low flame....switch off the fire and allow it to come to room temp. You can refrigerate this if you are not planning to make parathas now. 
If you like to proceed....then make the roti dough as mentioned above and keep it ready.

Pinch off slightly larger dough from the dough which you have kept ready. The balls should be slightly larger than your ordinary roti balls. Please go through the detailed recipe on how to fill the balls. Take 2 tbsp of the mince and fill the dough.

Press down with the spoon.

And close it from all sides and twist the top. At this moment, heat your tawa or pan.

On a floured surface, lightly press with your floured fingers to flatten it.

Sprinkle dough on top.

Lightly roll out with a rolling pin, carefully, so that it is not broken....sprinkle more flour if needed.

Place it gently on the heated tawa....if you are planning to pre-cook the paratha....just lightly cook them on both sides and remove.

Or if you plan to continue with the paratha....drizzle a bit of ghee or oil and press lightly with a spatula....and turn over...repeat on the other side too, until both sides are evenly cooked and lightly browned.
Repeat the process with the rest of the will get about 6-8 parathas...though it may vary depending on the size of the dough.

Serve hot. Enjoy minced meat filled paratha with tomato sauce or simply on its own....I am sure kids will love it and so will you.

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