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Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe Step by Step

Homemade skinny chocolate ice cream is so easy to make at home and the best part is you do not need an ice cream maker to make this rich chocolate ice cream.

This rich luscious ice cream, is purely homemade and is very creamy, though it does not feel as cold when you have it like a store-bought ice cream does, it is more like a frozen chocolate mousse, creamy and rich and so very smooth! the reason is that there are no ice crystals as cream and milk is boiled together to remove water thus making it smooth, creamy, and luscious.

I do not own an ice cream maker and so I use two methods to churn the ice cream, the first one,  is I use my hand held beater to cream/churn the ice cream at about 1 hour intervals after it is moved to the freezer and the second method is I simply used a fork to whip up once it started to set.....both ways workeded wonders.

I used bitter sweet chocolate to get that rich chocolate flavor and used cocoa powder to get the rich dark colour. Summer is hitting us so badly, that kids need ice creams to cool off, and they did help me with the took about 7 min for the custard to thicken...the whole process probably took about 20 minute......both my kids started tasting it with a spoon and by the time it hit the freezer.....1/4 of it was over! and I asked Nidhi to do the churning part, which she gleefully agreed (but then both of them had a debate over this, younger one said...he will do it) Finally they both decided amicably and by the time the churning and whipping was over half the ice cream was over and both of the grinning at me!! Some how I managed to take a picture in the scoop, but you can see in the picture that the ice cream is almost over....I just could barely take a picture......and yes!! it was so good!! total heaven for chocoholics like me and you!! 

Thaseen Ayaaz, this is for you! Thanks for all the lovely comments and inspirations.

The ice cream melted pretty fast, in the hot weather, but we thoroughly enjoyed it!

Author: Nisa Homey
Cooking Time: 15-20 min.
Freezing time: Preferably overnight.

Cream: 2 packets (200 ml) I used low fat Amul cream, as this is the only one available here; if you can get double cream you can use it.
Bitter Sweet Chocolate: 6 ounce (about 170 gms)
Full Fat Milk: 1 cup.
Sugar: 3/4 cup.
Egg yolks: 3.
Vanilla essence: 2 tsp.
Liquid Glucose: 1 tbsp.
Cocoa Powder: 2 tsp.

Here are the stars....Liquid glucose (the transparent one in the bottle), sugar, eggs, chocolate, cream, milk, and cocoa powder.

Into a large saucepan or heatproof bowl, scrape the chocolate with a potato peel (I like to do this way than grate or chop chocolate as it is easy) BTW, Nidhi is helping me with this....anything chocolate you just have to call her name ha!.

Add in the cream, both the packets.

Add one cup milk and 1 tbsp liquid glucose.

Place the pan, over medium heat and keep stirring until it nearly boils....then reduce fire to low. I then asked Nidhi to keep stirring.

In another large bowl, add in the 3 egg yolks, 3/4 cup sugar, and vanilla essence.

With your hand held beater, cream for about 2 min or until it becomes pale and almost white and fluffy.

Dunk in the cocoa powder, and cream for a few that it mixes well.

Now, add about 1/2 cup of the hot chocolate mix to the egg yolk mix, and cream for a few seconds.

Now add egg yolk mixture to the hot mix, stirring all the while. This is the custard base for the ice cream....which we have to cook, keep stirring all the time, otherwise it might curdle. (never mind the light glare in the pic)

Cook mixture, stirring all the while until thickened (it took about 7 min for me) or until it coats the back of the spoon or ladle. Switch off the fire....and allow it to cool down....(they were so damn tasty and time, I plan to make without kids around....they just don't let you wipe the bowl clean)

Since I do not have an ice cream maker; the two options I do are, either you can put this bowl in the freezer, after it has cooled down.

And after each hour, you can cream/beat it with hand held beater for 3-to 4 times....this helps the ice cream to be smooth .....doing the job of ice cream easy!!

Or you can pour it into a container.....and keep in the freezer and whisk with a fork ....after each hour...3-4 times...who said you need Ice Cream Maker??
Let the ice cream freeze overnight.

I used liquid glucose, as this will prevent the sugar from crystallizing thus giving a smooth satin ice cream. While scooping liquid glucose, it is always advisable to heat the spoon and then scoop out, as the liquid glucose is very thick and this helps to scoop it out with out any hassles.
Use, the egg white to make healthy egg white omelets.
This ice cream does not freeze like store bought one, it's more of like a frozen chocolate mousse.
I use low fat cream ....yes, this is skinny chocolate ice cream or rather I'd like to call it that way to ease my chocolate guilt!

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  1. U bought a big smile on my face tday,will try it v soon.thanks u

    1. I am so glad Thaseen, I posted this for you....hope u will try it soon :)

  2. I'm not much of a chocolate person but the first pic of ur ice cream is making me drooooooooool....sure going to make it...wat can I substitute liquid glucose with. .?? How much did this yield??? Please answer I can make it as soon as possible. ....

    1. Thank you Naju for the lovely compliment.....about liquid glucose, I have not tried this recipe without it...if you still like to make this I would suggest you to use 5 egg yolks if you are skipping liquid can easily get this from stores which sell bakery items (wholesale) This yielded almost a liter, the container holds one liter...but then with my greedy kids hovering over it...I had a tough time keeping it untouched....hope this helps :)

    2. Thank u so mch...will try soon nd let u know...

    3. I made it..I made it..I made it...chechi..ur great...absolutely great. .thank you so mch for sharing the recipe though I din use liquid glucose..I added five egg yolks..double cream nd a little more of was so Smooth nd dat was the best part...

    4. Naju, I can understand your excitement....and so glad that you enjoyed it...this ice cream is so good and so smooth... how I wish I could make with double cream..thanks for coming back with the feedback :)

  3. Hi nisa,can I miss the liquid glucose part as I am not aware if I can get it near my place.

    1. Thaseen pls refer to the above comment....hope this helps.

  4. Dear Nisa,
    Iam happy to see your blog looking so beautiful and thanks for sharing this. Looks Superb.

  5. Nisa, can you please recommend any website or store in Kozhikode that sells liquid glucose?

    1. You can get it in "butlers and bakers" they have two shops near thondayad bypass, which is a new showroom with all the baking needs under one roof, a must visit if you love baking, they do have an amazing collection....the other one is their wholesale shop opposite to indoor stadium....hope this helps :)

  6. OMG what a tempting pics!!!!!!!!! I'm bookmarking almost all recipes from your blog :) And now im one of your daily visitors!

  7. hey how did I miss this post?? very drool worthy icecream and i am craving for ice cream right now !!!
    I use to make chocolate icream tweaking your basic vanilla icecream adding melted chocalate .. this looks yum. but do you have any substittes for i cant eat it

  8. hey how did I miss this post?? very drool worthy icecream and i am craving for ice cream right now !!!
    I use to make chocolate icream tweaking your basic vanilla icecream adding melted chocalate .. this looks yum. but do you have any substittes for i cant eat it

    1. Mitha, eggs are needed to make the custard.....I think you will have to stick to the basic vanilla ice cream recipe, where there is no cooking needed.

  9. Nisa I love this, and all of your icecream recipes... Theyre great....I also adore the new look of your website..... Its fabulous.... NIsa your the best xoxo Naz

  10. Estupendo helado es una delicia me encanta,abrazos:)

  11. Can i use glucose powder instead of liquid glucose?

    1. No Susan you cant! because glucose powder and liquid glucose are totally different...still if you would like to try this....use 5 egg yolks....just see the above comment by Naju, she has made this and given the feedback too...hope this helps....and let me know how it came out too...thanks for stopping by :)

  12. Chocolaty yum,looks absolutely delicious.

  13. Chechi......i am very thankful to u for giving me such a great recipe thanks a lot


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