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Puttu Recipe / How To Make Kerala Puttu

Puttu is Kerala's own breakfast dish, which most Malayalees love to have or you could say its the comfort food of Malayalees. I am sharing an easy way to make puttu podi, no water is need to mix puttu podi (rice flour), and no need to mix with your finger easy!!

 Its no secret that mixing puttu podi is a hit or miss, especially if you are a beginner or a bachelor....the mixing part is the most difficult, you need to wet rice flour with water and salt correctly to get soft puttu and the tip most of us give are ...".puttu podi is made by wetting it with water slowly with your finger tips and to know the correct should hold its shape when pressed between your fist but should crumble if pressed harder" You must have heard this countless times from moms, aunties, friends is always advised that getting the correct texture depends on how you moisten the flour.......yeah! difficult for a beginner!! but easy for an expert!!  so today, I am going to teach you an easy way to make puttu  podi....without all the handwork...yes!! puttu making will be so easy as I am going to make it easy for you..

All you will need is some rice flour or  pathiri podi, or, iddiyappam podi... or fine rice powder, you can use store bought ones...any brand would be should be roasted rice flour and some cooked left over rice...preferably need not bring it room temperature...I know I know, you must be frowning...cooked left-over rice?? rice flour?? soft puttu?? how can it be??

Office goers will benefit so much with this recipe and bachelors! yes, you can make puttu the way your amma makes...maybe next time you can teach your amma this tip!

Pop rice and flour  into your dry grinder jar and just pulse it for 20-30 seconds that is all it easy...and the result is soft and easy puttu.

If you like to use cooked matta rice (Palakadan matta) you can use that....the white color will not change much.....though to show you, I used cooked "ponni" rice, which was cold as I took it from the refrigerator.

I have also made an amateur video for your easy understanding (forgive the bad quality, it is just to make this understand for you)....usually when I make food at home...I will be alone (I have sort of mastered the art of taking pics with my left hand) , but this time my son who was having study holidays....took the video for me...I hope you will get a better understanding with it and I am sure "puttu podi nanakkal" or wetting puttu flour will be easy for you!! Again, before posting this recipe, I googled and googled to know if any one has found this trick...but I could not find not even a mention of this....and so I am glad to be presenting it for the first time..yay!

Author: Nisa Homey
Recipe source: Nisa Homey
Yeilds about 2 kutti.

No additional water is required. Use your dry grinder jar. I grinded it probably 20-30 seconds and the puttu podi is that of the right consistency, but if you need really fine puttu podi; you can run the grinder a little longer. If at all you feel the podi is a bit dry, just add half a handful of cooked rice and run water is needed again.
 If you do not own a puttu maker or puttu kutti or this mould, you can make it with the shell of a coconut or you can make in idli thattu.
Since puttu is made mostly in the morning, I usually have some left over cooked rice in my fridge, though have also tried with cooked rice which has come down to room temperature. I have a cup in my rice flour bin, so in the mornings, I just dump the flour in and put a handful of cooked rice, sometimes a tad bit more....and to post it here, I started measuring the cooked rice. I first made one measure puttu podi for taking pics and second time for the video.

Rice Flour: Homemade or store bought, 1 cup levelled.
Cooked Rice: 1/2 cup, heaped. Preferably refrigerated left-over rice.
Salt: 1/2 tsp or accordingly.

I am also showing how to fill the puttu podi in the puttu kutti (puttu maker).
One measure of the puttu podi (see below)
1/2 cup grated coconut.

Get the "stars" ready.

Into your dry grinder, add in the rice flour.

Add in the heaped half cup cooked rice.

And lastly, salt.

Close your dry grinder bowl and pulse for 20-30 seconds. That's all your perfect puttu podi without much trouble is ready for steaming.

So quick and easy!!

Now for those, you dont know how to fill this in the puttu kutti.
 Place the "achu" first and spoon in 1 tbsp of coconut scrapings.

Now spoon in the puttu podi till it is halfway filled.

Then spooin in another layer of coconut and again spoon in puttu podi and lastly spoon in coconut scrapings.

I use my cooker to steam, this particular puttu kutti can be placed on top of the hob of cooker and can also use this on top of "puttu kudam" which usually takes longer time to cook....but the best thing about steaming atop a cooker is it will be done in 3-4 min.

Steaming away....once steam comes simmer for  3-4 min.

Remove from the steamer, and wait for two min  (if you unmould immediately, it might tend to break) so it is better to allow it to cool down for a min or two...and then unmould by pressing through the back side of the mould using the stem of a spatula, gently! (or you can use a "pappada kambi")
Amateur video to make you understand even better, excuse the bad quality....the purpose is just to make you understand.

That's it, easy and super soft puttu is ready for you, hope you will try this and enjoy it!!
You might like to have puttu with Kadala Curry , Meen Mappas, or Nadan Kerala Fish Curry
Do check out Puttu Recipes
Update: I had to deal many issues regarding copying this recipe and even displaying this video without my permission. Hence, please do not publish my recipe without my permission, any copyright infringement will be seriously taken up. Please understand I put a lot of time and energy in producing quality recipes for you. Thank you.

Puttu Recipe / How To Make Kerala Puttu

PREP TIME: 1 min    |  COOK TIME: 5 mins    |  AUTHOR::
  kerala puttu recipe  


  • Rice Flour: Homemade or store bought, 1 cup levelled
  • Cooked Rice: 1/2-3/4 cup, heaped. Preferably refrigerated left-over rice
  • Salt: 1/2 tsp or accordingly


  1. Into your dry mixer grinder, add in the rice flour.
  2. Add in the cold or leftover rice and salt.
  3. Close your dry grinder bowl and pulse for 20-30 seconds, Kerala puttu podi is ready.


  • Easy Kerala putti podi can be kept in fridge for up to 1 week.
  • You may have noticed that there is not water added to the podi, the moisture in the cooked rice is enough for blending the podi.

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  1. Oh my god!!! Who would hav thought abt making puttu this way,, looks perfect, is it gonna hav the same taste, or ll ter be taste difference coz we r adding rice?...liz

    1. Hi Anon-No there is no after taste or any difference....just perfect, soft, and yummy puttu :) hope you will try it!!

  2. this is a nice recipe and a good tip, though I can make it the usual way, this idea is good, well done recipe.good blog too.

  3. I wish I could taste this! They look delicious and healthy, Nisa.

  4. Adding cooked rice in puttu flour is very interesting, puttu with pazham omg am drooling here.

    1. This does make puttu making a lot easy...try it :)

  5. wow loved it .. I still have tough time in puttu nanakkal. cant believe that we dont need to add water.
    convey my hi to Nami .. helping mom capturing video..

    1. Hi Mitha, hope you will try it and let me know the outcome...yes, I will convey the message to Nami....he is my assistant in the kitchen Thanks Mitha :)

  6. ithu kollallo. I'm gonna try this for sure dear. Great thinking :)

  7. really appreciate you Nisa for sharing the wonderful tip .

  8. Super tutorial, thank you so much, Nisa :)

  9. Heard so much about it. But never tried it. Looks so good.

  10. I hardly comment on anything normally .But really liked this new and innovative tip.Its really great.

  11. Seeing your recipe, my mom said "pazhanchorum theernolum, puttum endaakaam." Amazing!!!

  12. Nisa I tried this method in Gothambu puttu (wheatputtu)....came out well.......a fast and reliable technique.....

  13. My mother uses this technique, but she grinds rice and uses it to wet the rice flour and uses the hand method for mixing.... I have heard of a method to put flour into boiling water and gently pulse in mixie to make soft puttu. Not sure of the exact ratio of water to flour... Have you tried that method by any chance?

    1. Hi Anon-I haven't tried any of the method you my trick is so easy and puttu comes out very soft....thanks for stopping by with your suggestions :)

  14. merlin : thanks recipie...sure will try it out..n will get back with the result :)

  15. very good recipie I just tried it ... Yummy,..... thankx ,

  16. I don't have a dry grinder and I am too lazy to make rice except on occasion. I am stuck ...

  17. First time here and i have fallen in love with ur recipes.. amazing ones...

  18. Wow Nisha!!!! Thanks so much for this recipe. It saved the day for me. I promised I would make Puttu and then to my dismay I found I did not have the store bought Puttu podi. So I googled and found your recipe.
    And your recipe came much softer and yummier than my normal puttu from store.
    I can't thank you enough.

    God Bless

    1. Yes! this recipe is a life saver and the result is soft yummy puttu. So, now you can ditch store-bought puttu podi and make my recipe. Thanks for coming back with the feedback. :)

  19. Very nice tips..time saving....thank you so much......I am going to try this one.


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