Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Chats - 5

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Hello and hope you all had a wonderful week! Though mine was pretty bad! was down with a really bad chest infection and fever and body-ache.

But, this cake made me better and cheered me up pretty fast. Yesterday, I became a year older and my kids surprised me with this at night. Really, birthdays does make you very special; even if you are ill and such pure tender love will make you glow inside out. And believe, me I really felt so good more than I felt in about 3 days!

These days, my hubs tell me that I am very clumsy (well, that is not my fault entirely; its the ageing factor that is to be blamed, ha!) I dropped my clutch purse a couple of times while walking in the city along with my credit cards, drivers licence etc etc .....and since poor hubs was behind me; he picked it up and later gave me and warned me to be careful....but the same thing happened again in the next couple of days. Being a soft spoken person (I am the loud kind; opposites attract, wink! wink!) he again gently reminded me that I am being clumsy and to take care of my any wife I also, smiled and said ya, I will.....and guess what he got me for my birthday.....A Sling Bag! and that really made him a happier person as now he need not worry about myself losing my clutch purse. His thoughtful gift will make my hands free and my belongings safe while I walk about the city.  I don't know whether it is my children's brain behind this or entirely his.

Talking of birthdays and cakes; have you tried my pressure cooker cake  yet?? Frankly, I was astonished at the texture of the cake when made in 8 inch round pans. The cake was so soft yet sturdy, sort of pound cake-like and for my birthday, I had promised my children that I will bake for them in round pan and maybe frost with chocolate butter-cream, but then sometimes things does not go the way I plan; but do end up in a better way like the cake above in the picture.

Thank you for the love and support you give me.

Have a wonderful week ahead!

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