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Whole Chicken Fry Recipe - Poricha Kozhi - Kerala Recipes

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whole chicken fry kerala style

Poricha Kozhi or whole chicken fry with spring chicken is another family favourite which I mostly make on the weekends when Nidhi comes home from hostel.  Spring chicken are small and each weighs under 500 gms, though I do not know whether this chicken has any other name (if you know, pls let me know).

Poricha kozhi translated as chicken fry is very popular in Kozhikode;  there is a hotel near the beach known as the Bombay Hotel and they serve amazing poricha kozhi (whole chicken fried) and they stuff with boiled eggs and then deep fry. If you ever get a chance, do visit that hotel and enjoy pure Malabar dishes.

No, I did not stuff anything when I made this as, I am addicted to easy and quick cooking when Nidhi is home, I try to cook everything fast and try to be with her as much as possible. So, this one is a really quick and easy recipe and can also be a show stopper at the dinner table.

Video Recipe of Whole Chicken Fry (Poricha Kozhi)

Spring Chicken: 350 gms
Coriander leaves: 3 sprigs
Curry leaves: 1 sprig
Garlic: 6-7 cloves
Ginger: 1 inch
Shallots (cheriya ulli): 5-6
Mint leaves: 5-6
Green chilies: 2
Curd/yogurt: 1 tbsp
Salt: 1/2 tsp
Pepper powder: 1/2 tsp
Turmeric powder: 1/2 tsp
Kashmiri chilli powder: 1 1/2 tsp
Garam masala: 1/2 tsp
Lemon: 1/2
Saunf (perumjeerakam): 1/4 tsp
Rice flour: 1 tbsp
Water: 1 tbsp
Curry leaves and 3 Whole Kashmiri chilies

Prick the chicken with a sharp knife, this helps the masala to seep in.
Tie the legs with a twine.
Grind coriander leaves, curry leaves, green chilies, garlic, shallots, ginger, and mint leaves.
Into a bowl, add in curd, the ground masala, pepper powder, turmeric powder, Kashmiri chilli powder, garam masala powder, lemon juice, saunf, rice flour, and water. Mix all this together.
Rub the masala into the chicken and keep this masala coated chicken in the fridge for half hour.
Heat oil in a kadai and fry the chicken on both sides until nice and crisp golden brown.
Lastly add in some curry leaves and Kashmir chillies broken and fry it along with the chicken.
Remove to a serving plate and enjoy.

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