Friday, July 15, 2016

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream - No Sugar - Milk - Cream - Vegan & Healthy Nice Cream

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healthy chocolate banana ice cream

Would you like to indulge in this low calorie and healthy chocolate ice cream; when I meant low calorie, I meant no sugar, no milk, or cream!! This "nice cream" as it is called is vegan and has less calories, just 50 calories in a scoop; now that is something great if you want to indulge in ice cream and shed a few pounds too. No guilt indulgence is what I love the best.

Frozen bananas are the key ingredient in this recipe and I used cocoa powder, vanilla essence to give the much needed flavour and some black coffee (leftover morning coffee) to just balance all the flavours. The black coffee sort of helped the frozen bananas to mix well and be creamy.

You need a food processor to make this or a mini chopper both works well, if using a blender you will need to mix it with a spoon once in a while.

If the bananas are really ripe then the ice cream will be really sweet and that means you can avoid sugar, so make sure you freeze ripe bananas. If you like some extra sweetness then dates would be a good choice.

I hope you will try this and enjoy this "no guilt" Ice cream.

Video recipe of chocolate banana ice cream:

Banana: 3, frozen
Cocoa powder: 5 tbsp
Brewed Coffee: 2 tbsp
Vanilla: 1 tsp
Almond to garnish

Add frozen bananas into a food processor and pulse for a couple of seconds.
Then add in cocoa powder, brewed coffee, and vanilla and blend well until it is creamy.
Serve it topped with sliced almonds.
PS: This has a soft serve consistency though you can keep in freezer if you want a harder consistency.

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