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Dairy Free Vegan Turmeric Milk Recipe

Dairy Free Vegan Turmeric Milk also known as Golden Milk and closer home its Haldi Doodh a drink passed down from generations in India. Grandmothers used to make sure that grand children are given a quick glass of haldi doodh before bedtime. Milk was from a grass fed cow but times changed and the milk we get are processed, pasteurised,  homogenised and may also be loaded with preservatives. Milk doesn't go bad after 3-4 hours these days or you havent noticed it yet?

Milk which comes from a packet may not suit everyone unlike the grass fed milk which we used to get 50 years ago. People are having an intolerance towards milk these days and a lot of factors goes into it. Dairy intolerance is not easy to find out but when my son has these bouts of severe sinus and migraines, I thought why not avoid dairy and see how his body responds. And 2 years ago I eliminated dairy from his diet though occasional paneer was there and once he started liking the vegan cheese mix I made he started avoiding cheese too. The results were tremendous, his sinuses cleared - no phlegm at all. Imagine, this boy was loaded on antibiotics and allergy medicines and the stuffy nose, sore throat all just vanished along with the migraine - being off dairy did the magic. 

At home, its easy to be off dairy he says but once he moved to hostel in July 2019, he started finding it difficult to stick to a dairy free diet but he does try his best and along with snacks which I courier to his hostel, he manages.

Another thing which triggers migraine for him is OIL - the oil from the hostel mess or from the campus outlets triggers his migraine, mostly it could be a samosa or a pakora he may be having as an evening snack. At home, I use only wood pressed coconut oil and A2 desi ghee and when he is at home during this covid 19 period he doesn't have any trouble with his migraine.  So, those with migraine issues can check on their oil as well as dairy. Hydrogenated and refined vegetable oil is best to be avoided.

So, coming back to this recipe; since my son is at home during this pandemic crises I am giving a strict dairy free diet (at least as long as he is at home) and this is how I boost his immunity - dairy free turmeric milk


10-12 overnight soaked and peeled almonds
1 cup water

½ tsp turmeric powder
1/3 tsp cinnamon powder
¼ tsp dry ginger powder
¼ tsp freshly ground black pepper powder
1 tbsp crushed jaggery or as per your sweetness


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