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Sunday Chats - 7

Happy Sunday To all.

Masala dosa has become a part of my Sunday breakfast; I frankly do not remember how and when it started, but Sunday morning Masala Dosa is the King....though sometimes I prefer Indian Coffee House Masala Dosa.

Lets leave food out for the rest of my chat (hopefully).

"What do you do?" is the question I face everyday when I am out of my home. The first (or last) question a person who meets me asks; it could be by another parent whom I met at my kids school, or the person I started talking at the hospital reception, or the milkman, or the postman, or a neighbor..... I mean the list is short people I come across ask me this question in the first 5 to 7 minutes of meeting!

Have you experienced this at least once?? If you are a stay-at-home-mom, then it might irk you to the core like it does to me. But if you are a working woman; then hey! you will smile and tell them exactly your job, position and how you manage home and office.

I am a stay-at-home-mom by choice and when I am asked this question, sometimes I get irritated (remember I am human, ha!) and retort back, ya! of course I work 24/7. And most of them would raise an eyebrow at me questionably! and some would try to carry on the conversation saying, Oh! you are a doctor?? and then it would be my chance to roll my eyes into a No!

Fourteen years ago, I made a choice and I loved every bit of that journey, each one has different priorities in life and mine was spending time with my children and as they grew older I started having some extra "me" time. I did some online work for sometime (from home, of course) back in 2007 to 2011 and in between blogging became a part of me and I started enjoying it more than anything and eventually started taking it seriously. But when someone asks me the question "What do you do?" I do not know how to tell them about blogging. And if at all I mention blogging, then it is understood as 'Okay! so, you take cookery classes online" and again the next question is "how much do you earn". Of course, I smile a lot these days, when you have crossed the big 40 mark, you should smile and act mature :)

Since, I started taking my blog seriously, I started working more on it, creating recipes in my tiny kitchen, take pictures and show you exactly how to make them perfectly. My kids have grown up and they do not need me much and I have plenty of spare time these days and I am happy about it and I am glad that God gave me this platform to show my passion.....without HIS guidance and blessing along with your love and inspirations, this would not have been possible....I am ever thankful to each and everyone who stops by.

This space is the place I spent most of my day-time and I enjoy every bit of the time I spent here, the comments you put some times make me smile, sometimes frown, sometimes so very happy....but I love every bit of it. Because of blogging my mind is always busy thinking of possible new recipes or short, blogging does keep me busy and happy.

Thank you!

Have a fantastic week ahead and stay safe.


  1. hey loved this post !!
    u r right people keep on asking such questions. they are more concerned about others' lives. people ask me as well how do u manage ur home offiice. at what time u rch home ,who takes care of your son etc etc. but truly speaking i feel guilty sometimes for not cooking my son nice goodies when he comes back after his school. such times u know ur blog has been of greatest help. ur easy bread rolls semiya payasam that tomato sauce have come handy . love your blog as always and it is a great feeling to do what you enjoy. not everyone gets such a chance. my first job was not at all interesting . I did nt enjoy a single moment there. but thank god I love my current job and have good friends and very happy that Cookins is Easy is not blocked in current office :-) Always love love ur sunday chats bcoz it comes striaght from ur heart.

  2. Did u read my mind Nisa, omg how many times people asks me these questions, trust me i never felt bad to say am a home maker. We are blogger so wat, its a way we keep ourselves happy and my blog is my fourth child for me.Loved ur sunday chats Nisa..


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